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The Queen and Prince Philip receive COVID-19 vaccine

A photo of Queen Elizabeth II on the Sandringham estate in 2014. Image from Wikimedia Commons Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine, a statement from Buckingham Palace can confirm. "The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have today received Covid-19 vaccinations," read the short statement. The Queen, who is 94 years old, and Philip, who turns 100 this year, belong to the vulnerable age groups that have been prioritized by the British government to receive the vaccine. The decision to inform the public about the queen’s jab was to allay confusions and prevent the spread of any false information. The inoculation was administered by a court doctor in the queen's Berkshire residence. It could be remembered that two high-profile members of the British Royal Family were infected by the virus. Prince Charles tested positive last March and immediately went into isolation. The heir to the throne experienced mild symptoms and managed
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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark becomes the first European royal to receive COVID-19 vaccine

A photo of Queen Margrethe II in 2020. Image from Wikimedia Commons Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine according to a brief statement by the Danish Royal House. This makes the 80-year-old sovereign the first-ever European royal to receive the vaccine.  The Danish sovereign was administered last New Year and she is expected to receive a second dose within the next three weeks. The statement from the Danish Royal Court reads: “Her Majesty the Queen was vaccinated today against COVID-19. The Queen will be re-vaccinated in about three weeks' time.” The announcement came after the Danish head of state delivered her 49th annual New Year's address, which she dedicated to the pandemic and extending her appreciation for the steady service and hard work of frontliners. On the other hand, Buckingham Palace officials remain mum about whether or not Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Philip have been vaccinated, calling the issue a “private” matter.

The Selfless Royal: Meet Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester

Photo of Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, under Creative Commons licenses. Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is one reluctant royal. The younger son of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, he was educated to become an architect, while his older brother, the dashing Prince William of Gloucester, was expected to inherit the dukedom and bear the yoke of supporting their cousin, Queen Elizabeth II. But it was not to be. Following the tragic death of Prince William and their own father, the royal title and the obligations that came with it fell on the lap of this unassuming prince. Without courting press attention and fanfare, Prince Richard and his wife, the Danish-born Birgitte, actually did a great job at being fulltime working royals, earning the respect of the queen and the admiration of the public. Now well in their 70s, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester continue to carry out hundreds of activities every year, maintaining a round of engagements on behalf of the queen and in support

The Duchess of Cornwall launches book club

The Duchess of Cornwall launches her own virtual reading club in a bid to promote reading and literature and also to support writers. The announcement was made on the Royal Family’s Official Facebook Page and on the official website of the Prince Wales . This campaign is called “Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room” and was initiated by the royal after the warm reception received by her book lists released in 2020. Accessible via Instagram, this brand-new reading platform “will offer new seasons of book recommendations, as well as providing exclusive insight from the authors themselves, in a community space for book lovers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.” To start the year, a video was released on the reading room’s Instagram handle where she invites author and artist Charlie   Mackesy where they talked about his book, “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse.” On January 15, the duchess will reveal her new reading list for the winter season. To learn more about t

In case you missed it: The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast 2020

This year’s Christmas Broadcast by Queen Elizabeth II gives everyone the quiet but steady reassurance that despite the challenges and dangers brought forth by COVID-19, we “are are not alone.” She took the time to praise everyone in the Commonwealth for their “quiet, indomitable” spirit, especially for those who have “risen magnificently”   despite the seemingly insurmountable trials this year.   Her heart goes, especially for those who have suffered loss, as she said: “You are not alone, and let me assure you of my thoughts and prayers.” Just like everyone, The Queen, together with the Duke of Edinburgh, quietly spent their Christmas, in isolation at Windsor Castle. She refers to this year as one “that has necessarily kept people apart has, in many ways, brought us closer," the monarch said in the broadcast, adding that the Royal Family has been "inspired" by people volunteering in their communities. She also thanked the young people, the   frontline workers,

Queen Victoria’s sumptuous lunch at Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor, image from Wikimedia Commons In 1890, Queen Victoria arrived at Waddeston Manor, the country home of the wealthy Rothschild family, where a lunch was hosted in her honor. She arrived by train at Aylesbury from Windsor and a banquet befitting her station and appetite awaited her at this “beautiful French-inspired house.” It was a handsome lunch.  The Guardian   revealed  that only the finest soup, jellied trout and rice with prawns, quail stuffed with truffles and foie gras, chicken, beef, duck, asparagus, wonderful Viennese doughnuts, sweet soufflés decorated with gold leaf were painstakingly prepared for this occasion. It was customary that royals should have their own dining area, separate from other guests, as such the queen ate at the main dining room together with her daughters, surrounded by the family's priceless tapestries. Everyone else consumed their fare in a smaller dining room. The Royal Artillery Band played enlivening tunes between the two ro

No fuss, no frill for Prince Philip's 100th birthday

Prince Philip. Image from Wikimedia Commons Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, hits another milestone in his storied lifetime as he turns 100 in April 2021. However, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, who is renowned for his acerbic wit and no-nonsense demeanor, does not want anything to do with his own birthday celebration. Royal insiders told The Telegraph that the 99-year-old prince was a rather “reluctant celebrant.” “The one person you can guarantee will not want anything to do with it, is the Duke,” the source said. With the coronavirus restrictions, the celebrations might be scaled back to a simple family affair.   The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are now living in California, might fly to celebrate with their family, if possible.    Sources also revealed that Prince Philip was rather “characteristically taciturn” when he turned 99 this year, spending this special day with a quiet lunch while palace officials released a photograph of him alongside Queen Elizabeth II.
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