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25 Interesting Facts about Prince William

1. He was born at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital at 9:03 PM, the first time an heir to the throne was born outside of the Buckingham Palace.

2. His parents affectionately called him “Wombat” as a child. The press, however, would call him “Wills”.
3. Since birth, he has been second to his father, Prince Charles, in the line of succession to the British throne.
4. Having been delivered by the late Princess Diana on Midsummer’s Eve, he is considered a solstice baby. This, according to astrological experts, means he is inspirational and romantic.
5. He was merely nine months old when he made his first trip overseas, accompanying his parents to an official visit to New Zealand and Australia back in 1983.
6. Prince William graduated from Scotland’s University of St. Andrews with a degree in Geography. He initially took Art History, where he met his then future wife, Kate.
7. The news of Prince William attending University of St. Andrews caused an increase in application amongst young women who we…
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Royals stand out in this year’s Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot is another glittering event highly anticipated both by horseracing enthusiasts and, well, anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family. The five-day horse race is actually one the biggest society events of the year in the UK and it’s been going around since 1711.
The 2018 Royal Ascot has seen yet again Her Majesty with her timeless fashion sense. She was dressed in a bright yellow outfit while heading the carriage procession as Royal Ascot kicked off.However, she came without Prince Philip and is, instead the Queen is joined by the Princess Royal, the Duke of York and Lord Vestey. The Princess Royal looked delighted following the birth of her fourth granddaughter.

Here’s the complete carriage list of the royal who joined in this year’s Royal Ascot: First Carriage—The Queen, the Princess Royal, the Duke of York and Lord Vestey; Second Carriage—The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York; Third Carriage—The Duk…

8 Books to Read About Harry and Meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s love story definitely captivated our hearts! Reading about their lives will enchant us even more—so, here are eight books that will bring you closer to this favorite royal couple.

Harry: Life, Loss, and Love

Author Katie Nicholl brings to light the life of Prince Harry, focusing on his relationship with his family especially his late mother Diana, how he coped with his distressed youth, and his whirlwind love story with Meghan. The book features real accounts from the prince’s family as well as of those who have closely worked with him. Available on Amazon.
Harry & Meghan: The Love Story

Emily Herbert goes into the depths of Harry’s and Meghan’s “unconventional” relationship, with the former promising to protect his then girlfriend at all cost. Available on Amazon.
Meghan: A Hollywood Princess

From critically-acclaimed biographer Andrew Morton, the author of the bestselling Diana: Her True Story, comes yet another “juicy” masterpiece chronicling the …

Highlights of Trooping the Colour 2018

While Trooping the Colourone of the most anticipated events in London in celebration of The Queen’s official birthday, this year’s event has had many firsts, which makes it quite memorable.Here are the highlights. The Queen Traveled Alone

The Queen, however, was alone in her carriage this year as her husband Prince Philip was not able to attend the event due to a recent hip surgery. The Queen looked regal in a powder-blue number and a matching hat embellished with flowers. The Queen did not put on her sunglasses, which she would normally wear after undergoing an eye surgery that removed her cataract just a month ago The Duchess of Sussex makes her debut Having only married Prince Harry last May 19, this year’s Trooping the Colour marked the first time that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, joined in the carriage procession and joined in the traditional balcony appearance. The Duchess of Kent makes her surprise appearance

The Duchess of Kent, long retired from public duty, has graced her presenc…

As Prince Philip turns 97, he quietly slips away from the public eye

Prince Philip turned 97 recently, but we didn't hear grand celebration. After all he’s retired from public duties and has quietly slipped away through his retirement.Even during his active years, the Duke wasn’t keen on celebrating his big day and would rather maintain a round of royal engagements. His absence in the recent Trooping the Colour ceremony, where The Queen was seen travelling alone down the Mall, was picked by the press and netizens.But for a man who has freed himself from the hectic pace of public service, we can expect the prince to be comfortably seated in one of the rooms at Buckingham Palace and quietly watching the ceremony on television.
Prince Philip’s retirement was announced May last year, performing royal functions and attending invitations until August.  Until then, he was one of the busiest members of the Royal Family, carrying out a huge number of engagements in support of The Queen.  To date, he has carried out a total of 21, 191 solo engagements and de…

7 Interesting Facts About York Cottage in Sandringham

York Cottage is one of the many houses in the grounds of the Royal Family’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The house, which is just a short walk from Sandringham House, was recently placed under the spotlight after it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II has gifted it to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. If ever the couple finally decides to call this cottage their country home, the will follow the footsteps of the Queen’s grandfather, King George V, who lived here after his wedding to Princess Mary of Teck until he succeeded the throne in 1910. Read on the find out some interesting facts about York Cottage.

1. It was once called the “Bachelor’s Cottage”. It was originally constructed as Sandringham House’s overflow residence with the purpose of accommodating the estate’s male guests.
2. King Edward VII bestowed the cottage as a wedding gift to his son Prince George (the Duke of York and later King George V) and his wife, the Duchess of York (later Queen Mary), in 1893. It served as the c…

Nottingham Cottage: Once a Royal Nanny’s Abode, Now a Cosy Royal Starter Home

Nottingham Cottage in the Kensington Palace is not your ordinary cottage.  Yes, it is the smallest royal residence you can imagine but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex live here and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once called this home until they moved to the palace's more spacious Apartment 1A. By royal standards, Nottingham Cottage is quaint, a far cry from the usual, grand residence afforded to a royal of Prince Harry’s standing. But with two successive princes moving in, this cottage, once a given to Queen Elizabeth II's nanny, is the ultimate royal starter home.

When Marion Crawford, the Queen's Scottish governess, retired in 1948, King George VI gave her Nottingham Cottage in the Kensington Palace complex, as her Grace and favour home for life. “Crawfie,” as Elizabeth and Margaret called her, wrote that the “small cottage” was “designed by Christopher Wren.” She even thought that “it had got to London quite by mistake from some distant country place.” The red brick …
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