Transform your home from plain to elegant with the use of beautiful polyurethane moldings. Our crown moldings enhance your room by eliminating the sharp angles where the wall meets the ceiling. Using our decorative moldings adds more elegance to your room. Our chair rails protect the wall from the damages brought about by the movements of the chair in the room. Combining them with wainscot paneling makes the perfect decorating centerpiece for your foyer or dining room. Installing crown moldings and chair rails can be done even by a beginner as long as the home improvement project in mind is properly planned and the materials are prepared before starting the project.
We have a wide selection of polyurethane chair rails and crown moldings for your every designing and decorating need. Our moldings doesn’t crack and twist like wood, are impervious to damages from insects like termites and wood borers, and because they are polyurethane, our moldings doesn’t add pressure to our natural environment. Compared to wood, polyurethane crown moldings and chair rails are more affordable. Email or call us for your sample of moldings and we will arrange shipment to you.


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