Queen Victoria - The Younger Years

The events in Queen Victoria's childhood, especially her relationship with her mother the duchess of Kent, would have a lasting impact on her life.


“I never was happy until I was 18,” wrote Queen Victoria in her journal, of her unhappy and somber childhood. She had a very good reason of saying so.

Foremost is the fact that the Duchess of Kent, ambitious and domineering woman, did all she can to  keep Victoria isolated from rest of the royal family. The duchess also feel under the influence of Sir John Conroy, an Irish officer who rose to become the master of the duchess’ household since the Duke of Kent's death.

The couple planned to become the powers behind the throne should Victoria ascend the throne before she turns 18. Because of the growing differ between her and the Duchess of course with her utter disgust to Conroy, the relationship between Victoria and her mother greatly strained. Even the couple strictly looked after Victoria and denied her any acquaintance with people her age or liking, she developed a headstrong and passionate personality.

Indeed, all attempts to control, let alone influence Victoria proved to be in vain. She celebrated her eighteenth birthday just five weeks before her uncle’s death.

The future queen's early life was isolated and her ascension was believed to be the rise of the Coburg dynast, not a continuation of the House of Hanover because everyone who surrounded her were all Coburgh. This feeling  she expressed when she disapproved of the name “George” when her grandson, the future George V, was named.

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