Copenhagen Welcomes Queen Margrethe With Warm Cheers

Queen and Royal family welcomed by cheering Danish crowds.

While the royals were on their way to Copenhagen, the country's capital was already geared to throw off a huge anniversary bash for their beloved queen. Right at the turn of the new year, the Danes have shown their love and support to the royal family, with the monarchy's approval rating at a soaring 80 percent, higher compared to other monarchies in the continent.

Historian and University of Copenhagen professor Lars Hovbakke Soerensen credits the monarchy's popularity to the queen's selfless efforts in making the royal house a working institution that brought it closer to the people. In fact, the queen was able to “modernize an ageing monarchy and adapt it to the evolving society,” says Prof. Soerensen.

The royal family arrived in Copenhagen via a train trip. A horse-drawn golden carriage picked them up the station and paraded them on the city streets amidst cheering crowd and thousands of well-wishers who extend their warm love to the queen who they all affectionately call “Daisy.”

A reception at the City Hall waited the royal entourage and among the guests were the queen's royal relatives from Sweden, Norway, and Greece. Present were the queen's cousins, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, with Queen Silvia, King Harald of Norway, with Queen Sonja, Greek royals, and Iceland president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson.

Copenhagen's mayor gave her a gift. The touched queen said that Copenhagen will always be special to her.  

After banquet the queen and Prince Henrik proceeded to the balcony where 5,000 people await to see and cheer in front of their beloved queen.

In the evening, a royal gala concert was held, with Danish royals at their best. The concert featured ballet and music special by Markus Lethinen.


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