Denmark's royal twins turn 1

A look on the first year of the Crown Prince and Princess lovely twins. 
The official birthday pictures of Prince Vincent and
Princess Josephine.

The country celebrated when the Crown Princess Mary gave birth to twins one year ago. Festivities are high again as baby Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine turn one. Hello Magazine takes us back in time, in 2011, where we get a glimpse of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine as they make their trip towards their first year. 

The six-month old twins with the rest of the royal
family during the summer photo shoot.

The Crown Princess just can't stop looking at Prince Vincent
who sleeps on his father's arms. Princess Josephine is carried
by her mother in this family portrait.

The royal twins are baptized. They are named Frederik
Vincent Minik Alexander and Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess carrying the twins
and with their lovely son and daughter after they arrived
at  Holman Church, Copenhagen, April 14, 2011, for the
twin's christening.

Visit Hello Magazine's official website for more photos of the royal twins as they turn one. 


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