Elizabeth Tailboys: Henry VIII's Secret Daughter

Elizabeth Tailboys should have been queen, instead of Elizabeth I, historian claims.

Henry VIII fathered an illegitimate daughter who should have taken England's crown before Elizabeth I, a new research reviewed.

Elizabeth Tailboy is the love daughter of Henry VIII who should have been queen had Henry acknowledged him. By rights, she should have been the real Elizabeth I, not the Elizabeth the daughter of Anne Boleyn. Her accession could have impacted the British history as well as the succession of every monarch since.

Historian Elizabeth Norton found this out after uncovering royal records in line with her investigation of the love affair of Henry VIII and his mistress Bessie Blount. Norton found out that Tailboys was actually not the daughter of Blount with her husband Gilbert Tailboys, but with Henry VIII.

Norton discovered that Tailboys was born June 1520, a year after her brother Henry, whom the king acknowledged as his. They were both conceived during the time when the king was living just a few miles away from Bessie, whom he paid regular visits, and two years before she married Gilbert Tailboys.

Elizabeth Tailboys was born a later than the future Mary I and earlier than Elizabeth I. The king declared both future queens as his illegitimate children when he deemed his marriage to their mothers null. However the king acknowledged them as his thus they were placed in line of succession when it was obvious that the king didn't have any male heirs.

Aside from this revelation, Norton also emphasized the king's lasting affection to her unrecognized daughter, including adjudicating her on court cases and providing her with financial needs.

Source, The Daily Mail, Jan. 9. 2012


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