Queen Margrethe II, 40 Years on the Throne: A celebration of the Queen's Life and Remarkable Reign

On her 40th year as Queen, Margrethe II still feels the love of the Danes

Jan. 14, 1972, forty-years ago, Denmark's revered King Frederick IX passed away. Inheriting the 1,000 year-old throne was her 31-year-old eldest daughter and child, Crown Princess Margrethe, who took the name Margrethe II. She ascended not only as the second Margrethe but so far the only woman to inherit the throne since the first Margrethe. The whole Danish nation celebrated with the coming of their new monarch. Indeed, a new era had ushered in. On her 40th year on the throne, the entire country, as well as neighboring countries and monarchies the world over sent heartfelt felicitations to the queen whose life and reign has been dedicated for the welfare of the people and that of the state. 


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