Queen Margrethe's Ruby Anniversary: Gala Dinner

The gala dinner featured royals at their most glittering moment. The crown princess of Greece was a stunner.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Greece

The King and Queen of Greece

A gala dinner was held at Christiansborg Palace for foreign dignitaries and select guest of honors of the queen. The event was a glittering moment not only because it was graced by some of the glittering people known in royal circuits but also because of the glittering jewels that sparkled and shimmered all through the event.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary

The King and Queen of Sweden
Perhaps, the top headturner of the event was Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece who wore a dark green velvet evening gown topped by an glittering diamond tiara that was once a possession of Queen Frederica. The piece passed through Princess Sophie of Prussia who was married to Crown Prince Constantine. The tiara was kept from public eye for over forty years. No one in the royal family has worn the fabled tiara since the death of Queen Frederica and speculations had it that it was even sold.

The King and Queen of Norway

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway

The Crown Princess of Greece wearing the legendary tiara
that once belonged in the possession of Queen Frederica.
The tiara was not seen in public for the last 40 years. 


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