Queen Victoria's Sketches Shown in Public

After 150 years, Queen Victoria's sketches were finally shown in public.

Queen Victoria was known as an accomplished painter in her lifetime, but little did the public know that she was also skilled in sketching, as evidenced by the drawings that she made during the childhood years of her children. A journal of the day attempted to publish the drawings but the furious monarch obtained a court injunction to stop the publication. 

One of the sketches shows three views of Victoria,
the Princess Royal, at bath time. Her nickname,
Pussy, is inscribed at the top.

This sketch from February 1844 show three views
of the Princess Royal in her finery.

One of Queen Victoria's daughters is pictured in a well-crafted sketch,

A series of drawings make up the sixth sketch, which feature
Victoria's daughter Alice petting a dog, as well as three
of her children together in the top right.

Photo Source, The Daily Mail, retrieved Jan. 22, 2012. 


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