Behind the Scene with Queen Elizabeth II

The Daily Mail reveals behind-the-scene candid photos about intimate moments with Her Majesty on set of shoot for holographic portrait. A newly released set of photographs from a 2004 photoshoot gives us a glimpse of the Queen as we have rarely seen her. In candid snaps taken by photographer Chris Levine in preparation for his holographic portrait Equanimity, the Queen is shown relaxing on set, smiling warmly, or sitting pensive, her eyes closed. 

The Queen prepares for a 2004 holographic portrait.

Photographer Levine played with the lights to produce an astounding effect.

It took hours for the photoshoot to fold because Levine
needed ample time to create a 3D effect.

The Queen with her personal stylist Angela Kelly.

Chris Levine talks to the Queen.

In her shoes.

The Queen remains patient despite the long photoshoot.

The intricacies of the photoshoot.

Chris Levine with his work, Equanimity, the first holographic portrait
of Queen Elizabeth II. The hologram, set in glass, mounted
on granite and illuminated by a strip of blue LEDs.

Chris Levine took many portraits of the Queen as a study for his finished
holographic work, some of which, including this eyes-closed
picture, have won him much admiration


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