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Prince William to inherit £10 million when he turns 30

Prince William, pictured here with his wife the Duchess of Cambridge,
will be £10 million richer next month.  

Prince William is set to inherit his 10-million share in his mother’s fortunes when he turns 30 next month.

Diana, the late Princess of Wales, left a residue estate valued at nearly  £13 million, after a deduction of  £8.5 million was made for death duties, to be divided equally by her two songs, Princes William and Harry.

Sheer investments by the late princess’ executors, particularly her sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, more than doubled the trust.

Sources said that Prince William might use his inheritance to buy a house for him and Kate, possibly close to Prince Charles’ Highgrove retreat. Or, he could vary his mother’s will to allow Prince Harry to inherit a larger share of the capital, knowing that one day William is set to inherit a more sizable income when he becomes Duke of Cornwall.

Prince William, who earns £40,000 a year as a RAF search-and-rescue pilot, draws an already-sizable income from his allowance from the Prince of Wales and from a trust fund left by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.


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