Queen Elizabeth II enjoys record breaking popularity

Queen Elizabeth II's popularity is soaring high

Amidst the rising tide of public esteem and support, Queen Elizabeth II enjoys high approval ratings and record-breaking popularity better than any political leaders today.

“After 60 Elizabethan years, the one public figure whom the public cannot get enough of is the one who has never deigned to ask for their approval,” reports The Daily Guardian.

The recent Guardian/ICM poll shows that voters believe that Britain’s “three chief party leaders to be doing a bad as opposed to a good job, by respective margins of 11, 12 and 27 percentage points.”

Nevertheless, although the monarchy continues to receive outstanding support from public, they do not want to see Prince Charles sit on the throne, rather they prefer seeing his son, Prince William crowned as King.

Queen Elizabeth’s popularity came from her rare talent of keeping quiet, wisely knowing that her work is centered not on showing her opinions, but avoiding stepping on toes. This is something her “heir apparent does not have,” writes Guardian, always making his opinions known “which divide instead of unite.”


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