Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a Much Bigger Celebration than London Olympics

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration is expected to eclipse the London
Games and go on to becoming this year's most anticipated event.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration and the London Olympics are two heavyweight events that no one should miss this summer. But between the two, the Diamond Jubilee is foreseen to be the much grander event. 

Guy Stagg of The Telegraph writes the 1,000-ship flotilla parade on the Thames will be “far more spectacular than the opening ceremony,” while the concert lineup, featuring some of the music industry’s biggest stars, including Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, and Shirley Bassey, is sure to draw more crowds than any Olympic athlete could.

London will witness street parties like no other in honor of Her Majesty’s long and victorious reign, indeed an opportunity for patriotism that Britons don’t do every day,” a rare opportunity to wave a Union flag without feeling embarrassed.”

But the rejoicing and celebration of the Diamond Jubilee has one significant meaning, and that is the monarchy is here to stay… for long, something that will silence, if not eliminate, the calls for a Republican Britain. In Stagg’s words, the Diamond Jubilee will be “better than the patriotism, and the pageant, and even the Twinings Jubilee-themed tea. For the entire weekend, republicans will have to sit being reminded of the fact the Royal family is the strongest and most popular institution in the country. In other words, it will be great day to be a conservative.”

Indeed, June will be a month when every Britain will have to shout “Long Live the Queen!”


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