The Gilt Writing Set that the Queen Mother Hated

This gilt writing set, which was a gift of King Edward VIII to King George VI
was recently sold during an an auction.
This gilt writing set, once under the possession of King George VI endured the enmity of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.


The royal consort, who hated everything about Edward VIII gave the set away. The turquoise gilt writing set was given by the former Edward VIII, then duke of Windsor, shortly after his abdication in 1936. It was engraved with D & W, which stands for David and Wallis. Underneath was inscribed “There, but for the grace of God…”

The set fetched £5,000 and was snapped by a collector in an auction. 


  1. If you are going to post articles - at least bloody well check your spelling. Spelling 'Gilt" as "Guilt' looks both stupid and amateurish.


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