Prince Philip discharged from hospital

Prince Philip smiles while leaving the hospital

Prince Philip, who celebrates his 91st birthday June 10, was finally discharged from hospital after being hospitalized with bladder infection at the height of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 

The Prince was rushed to King Edward VII Hospital in London last Sunday after complaining of abdominal pains. Together with the Queen, he was left standing and exposed to drizzle for four hours during the Thames River parade. 

When asked if he was feeling better while leaving the hospital, the Prince replied with the hint of a smile: “Well I wouldn't be coming out if I wasn't!”

“Together, they are invincible. They are the most incredibly supportive couple to each other,” says Princess Eugenie, who said that the Queen greatly felt the Prince’s absence at the height of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 

“For Granny to come and do that alone was probably quite testing and I think he is her rock, really, and she is his,”

The Prince's birthday will be celebrated by the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery when it fires a 41-gun salute in his honor in Hyde Park, London, but the Prince will not attend the event. Instead, he will spend the day at Windsor with his family.

Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “He's out of hospital, his condition is improving and he will continue his convalescence at home.”


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