The Queen will never abdicate

Queen Elizabeth II had vowed never to abdicate

When Queen Elizabeth II vowed to dedicate her life for the service of her country and the Commonwealth “be it long or short,” she meant was she said. And so, 60 years after she became, the 86 year old monarch, still smiling and waiving, continues to perform her duty without ceasing.

The Queen’s closest friends revealed that she will “never, never abdicate.” In fact, she is determined more than ever to serve the country until she breathes her last.

“Her fierce resolve should not be seen as a snub to her son and heir, Prince Charles,”  reports Daily Mail, rather, it is a sign of her over-riding sense of duty that she has since taking her Coronation vows six decades ago.

“The promise she made before God to dedicate her life to her country and to her people all those years ago is one that she takes as seriously today,’ said one member of her inner circle.
“As far as she is concerned, that has been it. And that will be it, for the rest of her life.”

With all the selfless and dedication to duty she’s offered, there’s no reason why such is the outpour of public affection for her. On the eve of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, a wave of tributes were poured in for the Queen, who is the second monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee, next to Queen Victoria.

The Archbishop of Canterbury hair her an “exceptional gift” to the nation, Prime Minister David Cameron described her as “brilliant, enduring and resilient” while Prince Charles said simply she was his “wonderful Mama.”


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