Queen Elizabeth II jumps off the parachute, makes her acting debut as a Bond Girl

What better way to start the London Olympic than launch The Queen as an actress and in a rather breathtaking manner: jumping off a parachute.

During the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, Queen Elizabeth II lent an air of royalty to a short film with no other than Agent 007, James Bond star Daniel Craig.

The film was prerecorded in March. It shows Her Majesty greeting the agent, “Hello, Mr. Bond,” and then making their way to the helicopter awaiting them outside Buckingham Palace. As they make their way to the London sky, Bond was seen opening the door and appearing to hesitate. While he dithered, the figure of the Queen pushed past him and dived out into the air followed by 007 – Union Jack parachutes streaming behind them. Meanwhile, from the real helicopter above the stadium, the same two figures appeared to plunge to earth.

The familiar Bond theme tune was played, the spotlight flashed on the Royal Box and The Queen emerged wearing the same dress she wore in the film. With the Prince Philip and Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, the crowd welcomed Her Majesty with a loud applause.

Actually, the parachutists were neither The Queen or Craig, but Gary Connery,  a professional base jumper,  and Mark Suttan, a former  officer in the Royal  Gurkha Rifles.

"Hello, Mr. Bond': Queen Elizabeth II greets Mr. Bond

The Queen and Mr. Bond walks through the corridor of Buckingham Palace

The Queen and Mr. Bond on their way to the helicopter.


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