Prince Albert and Princess Charlene lead Monaco in celebrating National Day

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene during the Fete National celebrations. 
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco lead the principality in celebrating the annual Fete National, November 19. Originally held on varying dates, the 'sovereign's celebration', from this time, has been held on 19 November, the day of the anniversary of the ceremony of the accession to the throne of Prince Rainier III on 19 November 1949, and also the day chosen to celebrate the blessed Rainier d'Arezzo (edict of 27 October 1951).

In 1950 and 1951, the 'Fête Nationale' had been celebrated on 11 April (edict of 4 July 1949); 11 April 1950 also representing the accession of Prince Rainier III. In 2005, in tribute to his father, H.S.H. Prince Albert II decided to keep the 'Fête Nationale' on 19 November, chosen as the day of his enthronement after the accession ceremony on the preceding 12 July.

The Prince's festival is the occasion for the national community to celebrate its identity and traditions. The ceremonies and festivities which are held on this occasion reflect Monegasque specificities and traditions:

- National traditions: presentation of honorary distinctions by the Prince and members of his family; parade in the 'cour d'honneur' in the Prince's Palace; taking the salute in the Palace square, which first took place in 1871

- Religious traditions: celebration of the thanksgiving mass and Te Deum in the cathedral, which marks the community's attachment to the Catholic faith

- Festive traditions: gala evening; shows, children's entertainments and free fireworks at the port organized by the Town Hall; amusement fair on Albert I Quay  - Social traditions: distribution of parcels and presents to the needy, the sick and the elderly.


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