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Daughter for Duke and DUchess of Kent

Dec 26, 1936 The Glasgow Herald reports that the Duchess of Kent had given birth to a daughter at her home, 8 Belgrave Square, London, yesterday morning.

The following bulletin was issued from No. 3 Belgrave Square:

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent was safely, delivered of a daughter at 11.20 o'clock this morning.
Her Royal Highness and the infant Princess are doing excellently.
A. E. GOW, M.D., F.R.C.P.
This is the first birth of a Prince or Princess in the British family to occur on Christmas Day for many years. Christmas Day is the birthday of the Duchess of Gloucester.

The Home Secretaru (Sir John Simon), who was at Walton Heath, was summoned to No. 3 Belgrave Square shortly before 10 o'clock yesterday morning. Constitutionally, the Home Secretary must be present at a royal birth.

Prince and Princess Nicholas of Greece, the Duchess of Kent's father and mother, were present. The princess had spent the n…

George VI proclaimed

London, Dec. 12, 1936 (AP)-George VI is proclaimed king today, while Edward VIII sought solace in the foreign land of love that cost him the throne. 
As golden-uniformed heralds moved through foggy London streets in medieval pageantry which twice within the year heralded a new sovereign, the crisis of Edward's abdication passed into history.
With unruffled calm, the British people accepted the melodramatic change of sovereigns and turned from the prince-king they loved so well to his tall, family-loving brother George--but with deep sympathy and a Godspeed to him who found the burden of kingdom too heavy without "the woman I love."
Before the musty battlement of St. James' Palace, proud heralds hailed the new king. Trumpets shrilled as throngs watched the pageantry of centuries ago reenacted. 
Sir George Wollaston, the Garter principal King of Arms, proclaimed:
"Our only lawful and rightful liege lord, George the Sixth, by the grace of God, King of Great Britai…

Edward VIII Abdicates

London, Dec. 10, 1936 (AP)--King Edward VIII abdicated his ancient, mighty throne today. He will marry Wallis Warfield Simpson as a man, not as the monarch. Albert Frederick Arthur George, the tall, 40-year-old Duke of York will rule over the 495-million subjects on the greatest empire on earth.

Queen Alexandra celebrates birthday

London, Dec. 1, 1903-- The New York Times reports that festivities surrounding Queen Alexandra's 59th birthday were dashed by intermittent snowfalls. Alternating sunshine and snowfalls marked the celebration at Sandringham. In the morning, the Queen was preoccupied receiving and replying greetings to and from well-wishers. In the afternoon, all the children on the royal estate were entertained at tea, the Queen personally supervising the needs of her guests.

Princess Victoria of Great Britain dies

London, Dec. 3, 1935 (AP). The Princess Victoria, 67, sister of King George V, died today, causing cancellation of the state ceremonies at the opening of Parliament.  Black crepe, draping the colors of Great Britain's red-coated guardsmen marching before Buckingham Palace, gave evidence to London residents that the royal family was in mourning. There was widespread sorrow throughout the United Kingdom.

Duchess of Cambridge is Pregnant

Great Britain is one with the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family in rejoicing the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge. The excitement was however mixed with anxiety as the 30-year-old Duchess had to be rushed to the hospital due to acute morning sickness, prompting the couple to reveal the real cause of the Duchess' condition. Kate is expected to remain in King Edward VII Hospital for quite a few days, until after her morning sickness subsides. The Duchess was given drops to restore fluid and nutrients in her body.
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