Prince Harry may not see front line action again

© Wikimedia Commons
Prince Harry 

It seems that we will miss seeing Prince Harry in his camouflage suit. The 28-year old heir to throne won’t be expected to see much action after Telegraph online Prince-Harry-unlikely-to-see-front-line-action-again.html has revealed that there are “no plans for him to return to Afghanistan.”

Although the Prince remains enthusiastic for a third posting in the Afghan front, his Apache squadron however won’t be in action until 2014.

The Prince is now talking a month-long vacation after his 20-week posting to Camp Bastion. He will resume active service to Wattisham airfield in Suffolk, the base of his Army Air Corps squadron. He is expected to mentor co-pilots who are up for promotion.

Prince Harry is currently a Captain in the Royal Airf Force. This makes him eligible to hold staff jobs based although he could also opt to remain “a pilot for another 10 years or more,” if he really wants to go to action should Britain go to war.

As for his royal duties, Prince Charles’ younger son might go on an overseas tour come springtime. His most recent visit to the Caribbean last year has been a resounding success.


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