Who’s That Guy? Princess Diana’s mystery man revealed

A reclining Diana with Adam Russell leaning against her.

This 10x8 photo, hidden from the world since it was taken c1979-1980 reveals a Diana so far from how the press depicts her. Although we see the late Princess of Wales as the never-been-touched, and (maybe) never-been-kissed virgin when she wed Prince Charles in 1981, the picture, sold to The Daily Mirror two days before her engagement was announced, reveals a teenager reclined on a bed in a ski chalet with a young man leaning closely against her, reports The Daily Telegraph.

But who’s that guy? Eventually, the mystery man’s identity was revealed and Telegraph reports that it’s Adam Russell, an Old Etonian and a great grandson of former Prime Minister Standley Baldwin. Although the picture depicts a rather intimate scene, Russell was adamant that what was between him and Diana was pure friendship… nothing more, nothing less.

We could only imagine what could have happened had these two friends turned into lovers…. Maybe, no 1996 divorce and no tragic death could have occurred… And, there would be no Princes William and Harry to charm gals around the world… and no Kate to amuse the press.

Andrew Morton, as he spoke to ITV News could confirm that Russell and Di “kept each other company while the others went skiing and at the end of the holiday Adam was somewhat smitten but absolutely nothing happened.”

Today, Russell works as a deer farmer in Dorset. The Daily Mirror eventually opted not to publish the photo, thus, the text “not to be published” was scrawled across it. 


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