King Juan Carlos won’t abdicate

King Juan Carlos of Spain

Despite the harrowing scandals that had inflicted Spain’s royal family since last year, King Juan Carlos will never abdicate, “reaffirming his legacy of resurrecting the monarchy,” reports Christian Science Monitor.

“In an effort to turn a page, King Juan Carlos ruled out abdicating in January, despite flagging health, other scandals biting at his popularity, including an injury during a Botswana elephant hunting extravaganza paid by a Saudi businessman, something he later apologized for in a rare public TV broadcast.”
In an interview, the 75-year-old king said in a rare interview: “I’m in good shape, and above all with the spirit to confront the challenges we face.”

“I would like to be remembered as the king who united all Spaniards and with them managed to recover democracy and the monarchy.”


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