Princess Anne hails libraries

Princess Anne shown here during her African tour in 2012.

I am a librarian by passion. I am currently taking my master’s degree in Library Science and I worked in a library. Which is why I can’t help but laud Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, after she said in a speech that "libraries are absolutely fundamentally important to continue education.” That "once you've got that as a habit and you've got that as a venue, you can do anything you want with it. The information is there and you can access it.”

The Princess Royal and the Queen’s only daughter made this speech after unveiling Bishop Grosseteste University's new £2.7 million library during her visit to Lincoln, February 15. She calls the building of the library "a huge step forward.” She thanked the people behind the project for their “investment” and she looked forward that the library will benefit “lots and lots of people [who] will use it."



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