Saudi’s Prince Faisal commends Filipino work ethic

I am a Filipino and I am proud of it, so much that in a country where republican sentiments reign supreme and the virtues of democracy are lectured from inside the classroom out to the streets, I keep on preaching my devoutness to royalty and the virtues in stands for. Lol.

Enough with the sentiments. I am just happy that another royal hailed my fellowmen.
After Prince Philip gave his “joke” of appreciation to Filipino nurses in London, now, it’s Prince Faisal’s turn to commend Filipinos for their “efficiency and hard work” that “has contributed to the national development of both Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.”

Prince Faisal bin Salman was the newly appointed governor of Madinah and son of the current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The Ambassador of the Philippines to Saudi Ezzedin H. Tago congratulated to the Prince for his appointment to the position and thanked the Prince for the “excellent treatment accorded to OFWs in Madinah who are mostly nurses and other medical workers and to Filipino students in the region studying Arabic, Islamic law and theology,” reports


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