Princess Letizia has abortion before marrying Prince Felipe

Princezz Letizia (Wikimedia Commons)

This might seem too much for the already-scandal ridden Spanish Royal Family, but another scathing remark is set to rub salt in the already injured reputation of the House of Bourbon. 

A book titled Adios Princesa, written no other than Princess Letizia's cousin David Rocasolano, reveals that the Crown Princess of Spain “had abortion before her engagement to Crown Prince Felipe” and that she tried to “cover up the termination,” reports Mail Online

The book also includes intimate “information about her life before she married Crown Prince Felipe in 2004.”

Rocasolano claimed that Princess Letizia had the abortion in 2002 before she met the Prince. A former divorcee, she used to work as a broadcaster. He revealed that the Prince and Princess themselves requested him to destroy the paperworks detailing the abortion.

“The abortion is alleged to have taken place at a time when terminations were still illegal in Spain - unless there was abnormality or the mother's life or mental well being were significantly threatened,” reports Mail Online. 



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