King Juan Carlos hosts luncheon in honor of Crown Prince Naruhito Japan

June 11 - King Juan Carlos of Spain hosted a lunched in honor of Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan. The heir to Japan’s Chrysanthemum throne is on a six-day tour in Spain to commemorate Japan and Spain’s 400-year tie, which commenced June 10 and ends on June 15.

With King Juan Carlos were Queen Sofia, the Prince and Princess of Asturias, and Infanta Elena at the Zarzuela Palace.

The Japanese crown prince is set to preside over the inauguration of the "Year of Spain in Japan,” and a full program of activities is expected to keep the visiting royal busy.

The Prince of Asturias and the Crown Prince of Japan hold the honorary presidency of the "Year of Spain in Japan" and "Year Dual Spain-Japan", respectively.

The "Spain-Japan Dual Year" is aimed at promoting Spain in Japan, as well as fostering trade and understanding between the two countries, reflect the profound changes that Spanish society has undergone in recent decades and to promote a more dynamic and diversified relations between the two of the world’s most progressive countries.


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