Royal History: Prince Arthur may Marry Lady Marjorie Manners

Prince Arthur of Connaught. Image: Wikimedia Commons

London, June 20 - King Edward VII may give his consent should his nephew Prince Arthur seek the hands of Lady Marjorie Manners for marriage. The New York Times reported that "a fresh basis has been given for the predictions that an engagement between Lady Marjorie Manners and Prince Arthur of Connaught would shortly be announced." Lady Majorie was sitting beside Princess Patricia in Ascot last week.

Lady Marjorie's presence at the event was taken as a nod of the King's approval and consent to her marriage to the Prince. The newspaper predicted that the match would be "a happy ending."

Lady Marjorie's parents are the Duke and Duchess of Rutland, better known as the former Lord and Lady Granby. After all, Lady Marjorie is a close pal of Princess Patricia's and that of her elder sister, Princess Margaret.

The match, called a "royal romance of affection and constancy," has the approval of the king. In fact, a royal insider revealed that York House in St. James' Palace, "would be assigned to the Prince and his bride."
Prince Arthur, the only son and heir of the Duke of Connaught, is one of the most popular members of the Royal Family. He is widely hailed for his "great tact and charm of manner," making his a well-known at home and abroad. He has recently represented his uncle in a variety of ceremonial occasions at foreign courts.

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