Royal History: Princess Christian Holds Reception

Princess Christian. Image: Wikimedia Commons

London, May 10, 1899 - In the absence of Queen Victoria, Princess Christian presided over the third Drawing Room of the season, reports The New Yorks Times. The weather was very fine, but, as expected, large crowd gathered around the Mall. However, the "customary gorgeuous State processions" starting at Marlborough House until St. James' Palace "were lacking." Likewise, the various royal residences remained unoccupied this season. The Prince of Wales is at Newmarket today, while the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York are out of town. The only members of the royal family present at court today are Princess Victoria of Wales and the Duchess of Connaught.

Among the dignitaries who were around included US Ambassafor Joseph H. Choate, together with his staff. The ambassador's wife presented Mrs. Alfred E. Bates, wife of the retiring military attache and Miss Bates; Mrs. William M. Osborne and Miss Osborne, wife and daughter of the Consul General in London; Mrs. John B. Mott of Indiana and Miss Ingraham.

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