Royal Baby Update: Britain Prepares for the Birth of Baby Cambridge

Britain is one with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they
get ready for the coming of the royal baby.

Six days to go and Britain’s third-in-line to throne will see the light of this world. And everyone’s just excited for the coming of this baby!

Since the birth of Prince William in 1982, no royal birth has garnered such media attention until it was announced that Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, they are expecting their baby on July 13… or maybe sooner?

In fact, Mail Online reveals  that a privately chartered helicopter has already landed just outside the couple’s farmhouse in Wales. It will remain on stand-by to fly William – still working as a search-and-rescue pilot at RAF Valley in Anglesey – to his wife’s side in under two hours.  If possible, the Prince is hoping to drive Kate to hospital from their Kensington Palace home.

William and Kate, meanwhile, have still not picked a name, reports Mail Online. Instead, they decided to give the baby’s name right after giving birth.

And once the baby has been safely delivered, Prince William will have to make an “encrypted phone call” to Granny Liz, telling her that he’s now a proud daddy! Queen Elizabeth II is the luckiest person is the world to hear the news when Kate gives birth.

The Duke of Cambridge’s private secretary will then inform Prime Minister David Cameron, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and other government officials, after which an official note will be placed in a glass fronted easel and attached to the gates of the palace. The leaders of the Commonwealth countries and the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have to be informed, too.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is getting ready to start a new phase of his life, becoming a first-time grandfather. In fact, on his trip to Kenfig, near Bridgend, South Wales, he surprised a ladies’ circle when he asked them for advice on his own impending grandfatherhood, reports Wales Online.

Since the royal birth will mean more media watchdogs will try to cash out this event, the government’s Advertising Standards Authority’s Committee of Advertising Practice warned the business and media sector to stick to guidelines in advertisements linked to the Royal baby. The agency made it clear that no member of the Royal Family should be shown or even mentioned in any advertisements, unless they have permission from the Lord Chamberlain’s Office.

And these and a baby, too. We can only hope for the best but for now, let’s stay tuned and stand by and pray the Kate will deliver a healthy baby, be it a boy or a girl.

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