Royal History: Prince and Princess of Wales' Baby's Named William

July 2, 1982 - Newsweek reports that the "most famous baby in the world finally got a handle: William Arthur Philip Louis, or Prince William of Wales for short."

However, the magazine was quick to point out the baby's not going to be called Bill, Will, or Will, Buckingham Palace has made that perfectly clear.

"It is a very nice name," said the baby's pop Prince Charles, "and it doesn't exist in the immediate family." Of course, Prince Philip is for grandpa Philip and Louis is Charles' adored great-uncle, the Earl Mountbatten, who was killed by an IRA bomb in 1979. William and Arthur are both find old names for British kings; the baby will likely become King William V one day. Besides having a lot of names, royal babies get plenty of godparents: six have been named, including former King Constantine of Greece, a cousin and chum of Charles who lives in exile in London.


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