BBC Says Sorry to Prince William, the Queen's World War 3 Speech and More Royal Updates!

This image showing a penis drawn on Prince William's head appeared
on a broadcast clip in BBC1. Image: BBC
BBC apologizes to Prince William after showing a promo image with penis drawn on it. The blunder happened on BBC Breakfast when BBC1 show broadcast clip of promo video for comedy quartet Barbershopera. [Guardian]

A speech prepared in 1983 for the Queen to deliver at the outbreak of World War III was finally revealed! "Our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds," says the Queen, denouncing "deadly power abuse of technology." [MailOnline]

Brussels' Royal Palace opens to the public.
Belgium's Royal Palace officially opens its doors to the public. This year's open days focus on the palace's newly-arrived residents, Filip and Mathilde, and also boast cultural and scientific exhibitions. [Expatica]


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