Royal History: The Coronation Procession of Edward VII

The Coronation Procession. Image: National Army Museum
London, Aug. 9, 1902

The New York Times reports the sequence of the Coronation Procession of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

The first section of the coronation procession to Westminster Abbey will start at Buckingham Palace at 10:30 am consisting of dress carriages with pairs. It will be headed by trumpeters, the Royal Horse Guards' Band, First Life Guards, and Royal Horse Guards.

Then comes the carriages occupied by members of the Royal Family:

First - The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Frederick.

Second - Princes Andrew and George of Greece and Princesses Victoria and Louise of Battenberg.

Third - Princes Maurice, Leopold and Alexander and Princess Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg and Princess Henry of Battenberg.

Fourth - The Duchess of Albany, the Duchess of Argyll, the Crown Prince and Princess of Roumania.

Fifth - Prince and Princess Christian and their daughters, Princesses Marie Louise and Helena Victoria.

Sixth - The Duchess of Connaught and daughters Princesses Patricia and Margaret, and the Grand Duke of Hesse.

Seventh - The Duke and Duchess of Sparta and Prince and Princess Henry of Prussia.

Eighth (drawn by six black horses) - The King's daughters, the Duchess of Fife, Princess Victoria and Princess Maud, with her husband Prince Charles of Denmark.

Next comes the Prince of Wales' procession, which will commence at York House at 10:45 am. The advance guard will consist of a detachment of the Royal Horse Guards, followed by two carriages containing the members of the Prince's household, more Horse Guards, the carriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales, and another tropp of Horse Guards.

The King's procession will leave Buckingham Palace at 11 am. His will be escorted by the Horse Guards the King's Barge-master and twelve watermen. The carriages of the king's and queen's households and staffs will follow suit, to be followed carriages of officers and staffs of the armed forces, aides-de-camp, and various regiments, nearly all of which are peers of the realm.

Then will come the state coach where Their Majesties are riding inside, attended by the Duke of Connaught and Prince Arthur of Connaught, followed by the royal standard and an escort.

Following the state coach are the Duke of Buccleuch (Captain General of the Royal Company of Archers), The Earl Walgrave (Captain of the Yeoman of the Guard) and the Duke of Portland (Master of the Horse), followed by the equerry in waiting and the royal grooms.


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