The Indian Princess Who Became an Instant Billionaire, Another Royal Wedding, a Joke from Prince Harry, Letters from a Young Princess Elizabeth and More Royal Updates!

A young Amrit Kaur with her father the Maharajah of Faridkot.
Image: AFP/Getty Images
Meet Princess Amrit Kaur, 80, the Indian princess and eldest daughter of late Maharajah of Faridkot, who became a billionaire overnight after the court ruled that she is the rightfuly heir of her father's vast fortune. Ask what she'll do with it, she answered: "I haven't decided what I'll spend on it." [MailOnline]

Prince Muhammad Ali of Egypt and Princess Noal Zaher
of Afghanistan. Image: Hello
Another royal wedding is coming. Prince Muhammad Ali of Egypt and Princess Noal Zaher, granddaughter of King Zaher Shah of Afghanistan, are gearing for their impending royal wedding. [Hello]

Queen Sofia of Spain poses with her eight grand children. Image: Getty Images
Queen Sofia takes a day off from a hectic schedule as she spends quality time with her grand kids. [MailOnline]

Prince Charles. Image: PA
Meanwhile, Prince Charles wants Baby Prince George to call him Granpa. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, revealed that her grandkids call her GaGa. [MailOnline]

A young Princess Elizabeth dancing with a friend.
Image: MailOnline
"I have just met a devastatingly attractive young giant who caused my heart to flutter a bit," revealed a 19-year-old Princess Elizabeth after a series of items, including Royal letters have been released. [MailOnline]

Prince Harry. Image: PA
Prince Harry has joked that the “pressure’s off” now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made the Prince of Wales a proud grandfather as he launched a £30 million Royal Navy Centre in Plymouth.[MailOnline]

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