Royal History: Prince Arthur of Connaught may be Viceroy of India

Prince Arthur of Connaught.
Image: Wikimedia

October 6, 1912 - A special cable to The New York Times from London can reveal that Prince Arthur of Connaught, who is now on his way back from Japan, where he attended Emperor Mikado's funeral, is being eyed to serve as the next viceroy of India.

As for the prince's matrimonial future, it remains unclear if he already has a bride-to-be. It has been reported that a few years ago, he had already selected a bride but King Edward objected the match because the girl was not of royal blood.

Prince Arthur's appointment is an "unprecedented" compliment to his abilities as a young man. The prince is only about to celebrate his 30th birthday on January next year.

Another rumor has it that the dukedom of Kent might be revived and offered to him.


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