Royal News: King Alexander of Greece still very ill from monkey bite; Arthur of Connaught to succeed as king?

King Alexander of Greece. Image: Wikimedia
October 14 - A cable from Athens for the New York Times reveals that the condition of King Alexander has gone critical caused by an infection following the bite of a monkey, October 2.

Dr. Vidal, a noted French physician arrived in Athens to join the doctors who have been treating the royal patient. Dr. Vidal examined the King during the evening and afterwards revealed that the king's condition is already critical.

Meanwhile, a special cable from Paris can reveal that Prince Arthur of Connaught may be the next king of Greece in the event of King Alexander's death.

The French foreign office has learned that "pourparlers" have begun in Athens for the selection of Prince Arthur instead of Prince Sixtus of Bourbon-Parma, whom the Qual d'Orsay favors.

However, Prime Minster Eieutherios Venezelus remains the biggest hindrance as he made it known that he prefers a republican Greece with he as president. The Allies, nevertheless, are adamant of permitting neither former King Constantine  nor Crown Prince George from succeeding the throne. They were forced to vacate the throne due to their pro-German sentiments during the great War.


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