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Meet these 12 Royal Authors

Royalty is associated with pomp and splendor.  But there were also royals who were also intellectuals, artists and authors. Meet these the ten royals who penned memoirs, touching stories, and poems.
Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (1902-2004)

Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, was the daughter of the 7th Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, then the largest landowner in Scotland. She married Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, in 1934 and bore him two sons, Prince William, who died in a plane crash in 1972, and Prince Henry, who succeeded as 2nd duke of Gloucester in 1974. One of the most popular members of the Britiah Royal Family, she was also the longest-lived royal, passing away at the age of 102 in 2004. She penned her memoir, The Memoirs of Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, which was published in 1981. Ten years later, the revised edition, Memories of Ninety Years, came out. However, it was noted that her book contained no depth and lacked in details with regards to wh…

18 Quotes From Queen Elizabeth II That Would Make You Even Wiser

Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen since 1952 and she's presiding 16 independent countries as their head of state with much gusto. The early part of her reign saw the decline and disintegration of the British Empire and the eventual formation of the Commonwealth of Nations. Her reign was not without trials and even personal setbacks in her family have proven critical to her reign as well. However, with her wisdom, balanced views, and political neutrality seemed to have made her a larger than life figure that's beyond reproach. Her 40th year on the throne was dubbed as "annus horribilis" due to the breakdown of her children's marriage, the burning of Windsor Castle and increased republican sentiments. But she made it through her hardest days and her Golden (2002) and Diamond (2012) Jubilee celebrations was a testimony of the overflowing love and support of her subjects. With a woman of her age and experience, there's no doubt that we could learn something or tw…

Prince Harry Visits Estonia and was Surprised to See Someone He Wasn't Expecting

Prince Harry's trip to Estonia was a resounding success. The two-day royal tour was just the ideal breather for the prince after his break-up with girl friend Cressida Bonas. Here are the highlights of the prince's latest engagement.

The 29-year-old travelled to Talinn on a £143 easyJet flight. Although this is not the first time that the prince has flown on a budget carrier, this mode of transport is still unusual for a royal, especially on an official visit. Oh, well, anyway, the prince is known for his being unusual. 

Prince Charles' younger son paid his respects to Estonia's war dead on a visit to Freedom Square. More than 300 people were there to cheer the royal sensation as he arrived in the square. 

The prince was more than happy to to pose for selfies.

A little girl even got overcome by the prince's presence, so he snuggled bashfully into her father's chest after presenting a delighted Prince Harry with her Union flag.

After the wreath-laying ceremony, Princ…

The Last Curtsey: The End of the Debutantes by Fiona McMarthy

Young daughters of nobles and aristocrats of the years gone by consider it a rite of passage to curtsey to the queen. However, the decline of the British Empire also meant that it has to end. 1958 was the last year when debutantes where presented at the Royal Court. Under pressure to shine, not least from their mothers, the girls became the focus for newspaper diarists and society photographers in a party season that stretched for months among the great houses of England, Ireland and Scotland.
In her book, Last Curtsey: The End of the DebutantesFiona MacCarthy looks back to the stories of girls who curtseyed that year; and showed how their lives were to open out often in much unexpected ways. MacCarthy was initially hesitant about writing about her debutante years, especially in the 1960s when she was a journalist for the Guardian. She revealed that “the debutante season was my taboo subject, an unmentionably embarrassing secret history.” She thought no one would take her seriousl…

Prince John: The Windsor's Tragic Secret

Here is a documentary about Prince John, youngest child of King George V and Queen Mary. He was epilectic and frail and had lived in seclusion at the family's estate in Sandringham. In this short film,  let us get to know more about the sad life of this young prince and why he is called the British Royal Family's tragic secret.

Court Circular May 14, 2014

The Court Circular for May 14, 2014 has been originally posted online at the Royal Family's Official Facebook page. The Court Circular is the official record of the previous day's Royal engagements and is printed in selected British newspapers.


By command of The Queen, Mr. Alistair Harrison (Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps) called upon His Excellency Mr. Tesfamicael Gerahtu Ogbaghiorghis at 96 White Lion Street, London N1, this afternoon in order to bid farewell to His Excellency upon relinquishing his appointment as Ambassador from the State of Eritrea to the Court of St. James's.


The Prince of Wales, President, this morning visited the Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Road, London SW7, and was received by Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London (Sir David Brewer).
The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall later gave a Reception at St. James's Palace to mark Their Royal Highnesses' forthcoming visit to Canad…

Prince Charles and Camilla host reception for Canadians in UK

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall hosted a reception for Canadians who are living and working in the UK, ahead of the couple's forthcoming visit to Canada.

Queen and Royal Family to Commemorate 70th Normandy Landings

The Queen as Sovereign is Head of the Armed Forces. She is also the wife, mother and grandmother of individuals either having served, or are currently serving, in the Armed Forces, most recently Prince Harry who has undertaken two operational tours of Afghanistan in 2007-08 and 2012-2013.

This weekend, Prince Harry will be meeting veterans from World War II and more recent conflicts during his official visit to Estonia and Italy. His Royal Highness will attend events to commemorate the allied campaign in Italy during World War II and give thanks to Estonian Defence Forces for their work with British Troops in Afghanistan supporting the troops.

Members of The Royal Family will participate in commemorative events for the 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings as well as other events to mark Word War II anniversaries. Source

The English: A Portrait of a People by Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman, author of the “witty, argumentative and affectionate book” The English: A Portrait of a People, notes that being English used to be easy. It’s true since the English were one of the most easily identified peoples on Earth, recognized by their language, their manners their clothes and the fact that they drank tea by the bucket load. But the English today are in a complicated position. When people from other countries occasionally come across someone whose upper lip sensible shoes or tweedy manner, they may identify him as English and they tend to react with amusement. Indeed, the conventions that have for so long defined the English are not “dead,” with special mention to the fact that the country’s ambassadors are more likely to be “singers or writers” rather than “diplomats or politicians.”
While the imperial English carried British passports as did the Scots, Welsh and some of the Irish, they however, don’t have to think it hard about interchanging being English with…

Prince William holds star-studded ball in Buckingham Palace

Prince William opens the door of Windsor Castle as he hosts a glamorous ball for the "innovative work of The Royal Marsden and bring together the Hospital’s world-leading consultants, supporters and philanthropists” as well as an opportunity to continue to tap help from wealthy benefactors.

Celebrating Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's 10th Wedding Anniversary

In 2004, the dashing Danish heir to the throne, Crown Prince Frederik, exchanged vows and said I do with the Hobart-born Mary Donaldson. Donaldson had a thriving career at an advertising firm then. The couple fell in love the moment they saw each other at a pub in Sydney. Ten years on, they were blessed by four kids: Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. In celebration of their happy union, here are intimate pictures of the royal couple and their kids.

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