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The Life of Duchess Helene in Bavaria, Princess of Thurn und Taxis

The world knows too well about beauty and tragic life of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria. But the tale of Helene, Sisi's elder sister, is another story to tell. In fact, she lived a far happier life as the wife of a German prince. 
Helene, elder daughter of Maximilian von Wittelsbach, Duke in Bavaria, was Germany’s most eligible bride at the beginning of the 1850s. Twenty years old and of impeccable pedigree, she was a match fit for a prince, or even an emperor—and in the summer of 1853 her suitor was the young Franz Josef, newly crowned Emperor of Austria.
Born Helene Caroline Therese on April 4, 1834, her qualification had been assessed in advance by the Emperor’s representatives, and her father had given his approval in principle to a marriage. In 1853, together with her mother, Princess Ludovika of Bavaria, and her younger sister Elisabeth, she went to Bad Ischl, with the prospect of becoming the bride of her first cousin, Franz Josef (Ludovica and Franz Josef’s mother Sofia, w…

The Week that was in Royalty

We've been searching the net to look for some of the hottest, must-read articles. Here's our royal round up for today.

Queen Elizabeth II defied terror threat as she leD the nation in memory of the fallen on Remembrance Sunday, Telegraph reports. (Image: CTV News)

Prince Harry returns to Afghanistan. Prince Harry paid an emotional tribute to his fallen "friends" as he returned to Afghanistan to lead a remembrance service. Check Prince Harry's official website for more details of his trip to Afghanistan. (Image: Prince Harry's official website)

Sixteen-week pregnant Duchess of Cambridge met One Direction star Harry Styles at Royal Variety Performance. The Duchess wore a stunning floor length Diane Von Furstenberg gown, and her hair in a simple up-do. Harry Styles said after meeting the Duchess: "I said congratulations on the bump," though he added that she "didn't look bumpy." MailOnline reports. (Image: Matt Frost)

Prince Charles as th…

Visit These 5 Historic Houses in England’s Eastern Counties

Whether you’re a fan of anything grand and stately or you just wish to take a peek of the best from the past, a visit to some of the England’s historic and stately houses, palaces and castles will definitely make you want to fall in love with the years of yore. Here are five of the best historic houses in England’s Eastern Counties now operated by the National Trust. 
Belton House

Meet Princess Viktoria of Prussia: 5 Things You Should Know

Princess Viktoria of Prussia was the second daughter and fifth child of Prince Frederick of Prussia, later Emperor Frederick III, and Victoria, Princess Royal, eldest daughter and child of Queen Victoria. She was born on Apr. 12, 1866. If you don't know that much about Princess Viktoria, here are five facts about here.

Stay at These Five Lovely Castles and Chateaux Turned Inns in Northern France

If you are planning to step back in time and enjoy the regal luxury of how it was to live in the olden years in Northern France, then, staying at chateaux and castles turned inns and bed and breakfasts is a great idea. If you’re in Northern France, here’s a list of homey yet opulent accommodations that you shouldn’t miss on your list.
Chateau d’Agneaux

Yolande of Aragon: Queen of Four Kingdoms

As the early-morning sun reaches the tops of the towers of Saragossa, the time has come for Yolande, only surviving child of the King Aragon, to leave her home, and her country, to marry the French King's cousin, Louis II, Duke of Anjou. By this union, it is hoped her people and his will cease fighting over the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily, which both Aragon and Anjou claim as their inheritance. She is nineteen years old and beautiful, they say - but flattery is commonplace in her world and she pays it no mind.
'Juana, dear one, help me dress carefully," she asks her companion - once her nursemaid, then her governess, now her closest confidante. 'I want everyone here to remember me as I look today. Who knows if I will never return?'
Juana fiddled nervously with the ties on Yolande's bodice. Perhaps she, too, doubts that her mistress will return.
'I thank the Lord that you are coming with me to Provence, dear Juana. I will need your dear familiar face in m…

Kaiser Wilhelm II: A Life in Power

'I am for hanging the Kaiser,' announced the Labour MP George Barnes, during an election speech at Netherton in November 1918. At the end of the First World War, Wilhelm II was the object of mass hatred. The poster art of Allied wartime propaganda portrayed him as a bestial blood-soaked creature stooped over the corpses of raped Belgian women, or strutting ape-like before burning libraries, rejoicing in the destruction of civilization. Learned treatises bristling with footnotes were published to demonstrate to a more educated public the Kaiser's prime culpability in the horrors that had engulfed Europe since 1914. 'When all is said and done,' one such study announced in 1917, 'the German the responsible author of the misfortunes that afflict the world'; another spoke of his 'complete and direct responsibility' for the catastrophe of 1914-18. Small wonder that so many joined in the call for the execution by hanging of this 'enemy of…

Happy Birthday, Queen Sofia of Spain

The eldest child of King Paul of Greece and Princess Frederica of Hanover, Princess Sofia was born in Psychiko, Athens, Greece on November 2, 1938. Her younger brother is the former King Constantine II. Another sister is Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark. Her marriage to Prince Juan Carlos of Spain, celebrated in 1962, produced three children: Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo (born December 20, 1963); Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma de Mallorca (born June 13, 1965); and Felipe, Prince of Asturias (born January 30, 1968), now King of Spain. With Juan Carlos's succession to the Spanish throne in 1975, Sofia was crown Queen of Spain. In celebration of the Queen's dedication to her duty and quiet dignity through the trials that rocked her family, here are 10 of the loveliest photos of Her Majesty. Here's also a must-read article celebrating the life of one of Europe's well-loved queens.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain (front right) on an official visit to Den…

Royal Roundup: Royal News Nov. 1, 2014

We've been searching the net to look for some of the hottest, must-read articles. Here's our royal round up for today.

Crown Princess Mary is splendid in the Jayson Brunsdon-designed embellished black and sapphire brocade shirt that she wore the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Denmark's 15th anniversary gala dinner, where she and Crown Prince Frederik were the invited guests of honor. (MailOnline/image: PA)

Prince Charless Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, rounded up their Colombian tour with a visit to the walled city of Cartagena, all donned with Colombian sombreros . (BBC/image: Getty Images)

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was put in his place by royal photographer Cecil Beaton during the Queen’s coronation. Beaton got tired of the prince's fussing and told the him, “Sir, if you’d like to take the photographs, do!” Lady Glenconner, daughter of the 5th Earl og Leicester, and a maid of honor to the queen revealed. (Telegraph/ image: AFP)

Prince Harry me…
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