Stay And Celebrate Unforgettable Moments At Chateau Allure Du Lac

Chateau Allure Du Lac's facade.

Live like royalty at Chateau Allure Du Lac in the Loire Valley. This five-star rental property fit for a king and queen is a gracefully decorated, 19th century chateau. It sits on a sprawling 105 acre property, with a 22-acre pond, charming island, breathtaking lakeside terrace, swimming pool, palatial lawns, romantic gardens and a forest where wildlife flourish and thrive.

For the convenience of itinerant residence, this chateau rental has its own elevator that would take up through all four floors. There are also reception rooms, ballroom, dining rooms, chapel and the 12 gorgeous en suite bedrooms that would offer guests a dream-come-true royal vacation.

In-house dining is at its best and a stay in this quaint French villa comes complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and full English afternoon tea.

Enjoy a stroll on the chateau's sprawling ground. 
For nature lovers, a walk among the chateau’s well maintained gardens is something that shouldn’t be missed. Another enjoyable activity in the property is a stroll along the lake’s 2.5 kilometer shoreline, and through the woods. Relax on the swimming pool and adjacent pool house or go for carp fishing for your delight.

The chateau rental has undergone extensive renovation and has been luxuriously decorated with beautiful antiques and rich fabrics to evoke the belle opoque era that would definitely transport anyone back in time when royals live really like royals.

Chateau Allure Du Lac's drawing room
Warm and welcoming, anyone who enters the chateau would be welcomed by the majestic and striking, double carved-stone stairway and sophisticated 16.5 foot ceilings.

Feel at home at the homey, oak-paneled drawing room with its huge log fireplace and private lit terrace that would make evening drinks and late night parties more romantic.

Chateau Allure Du Lac's salon.
For gatherings big and small, the grand salon with its parquet flooring, original oak linen paneling, lofty windows, and huge mirrored fireplace mantle imbues luxury while offering a relaxing place for guests.

Chateau Allure Du Lac's chapel.
The chapel, meanwhile, has this impressive stone rib-vault ceiling, magnificent stained-glass window, and gilded oak paneling, a perfect retreat for those looking for silence and solitude.

The chateau’s 12 suites could accommodate up to 15 Guests. Each is tastefully and exceptionally decorated in different color schemes, ranging from azure to rose, and made even more interesting with the antiques and crystal chandeliers stuffed inside. And the beds… oh, you’ll never want to get out of them!

Chateau Allure Du Lac's Chambre Royale Rouge

Chateau Allure Du Lac's Chambre Turquoise

Chateau Allure Du Lac's Chambre Deux Tours

Chateau Allure Du Lac's Chambre d'Argent 

Chateau Allure Du Lac's Tower Suite

Stay at the two-story master suite—a home in itself—complete with its own foyer, drawing room, and antique oak staircase which could take you to an expansive, circular bedroom that features hand-painted domed ceiling.

An apartment is also located within the property and could accommodate two guests.

Interested of booking this villa for rent? Check this out to make the necessary appointments or visit the chateau's website


  1. Their in-house catering is remarkable. The food was delicious. So many of our guests (including and especially the foodies) have told us it was the best food they'd ever had at a wedding. The service at wedding location venue too was impeccable but not overly formal.

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