Queen praises Prince Harry for the Sendebale garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

Prince Harry welcomes Queen Elizabeth II at the Sentebale Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Queen Elizabeth II had a great time at the Chelsea Flower Show. The highlight, though, was her visit to Prince Harry’s charity garden. A rather nervous Harry was anxious while she toured his grandmother around the stunning Sentebale exhibit, which was carefully planned to give visitors the feel that they have been transported to the Lesotho wildlife landscape. Sentebale is the prince’s charity, which works at fighting HIV-AIDS in the land landlocked African kingdom.

The prince’s design, which he collaborated with creator Matthew Keightley, easily won the Queen’s heart. “She told Harry that he should be very proud,” a visitor heard the Queen saying.

One of the unique features of the garden is the life-sized Mamohato hut and a moving series of footprints made from casts taken from some of the children that Sentebale has helped. Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and later Prince Philip, later joined the Queen to support Harry.

The Chelsea Flower Show is a favorite annual event that members of the Royal Family have not missed since it started in 1913. The Queen, herself a Patron of the Royal Horticultural Society, is a frequent attendee at the opening of the show. One of the most remarkable displays in the show’s history was the Coronation Empire Exhibition in 1937, designed in honor of the coronation of the Queen’s parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The exhibit showcased plants that came from all over the Commonwealth. (source)


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