Royal History: Alfonso XIII, King of Spain is Born

King Alfonso XIII. Image source: Wikipedia

Madrid, May 17 - The birth of a king to Queen Maria Christina brought joy to the citizens of Spain and its colonies. Cabinit ministers, members of the diplomatic corps, principal civil and military officials, and members of the Cortes all gathered at the palace for the birth of the king.

He was born at midday and it was reported that both he and Queen Christina were doing well. The New York Times reports that the "usual pomp and ceremony were observed" which was duly accorded to a king. In the Cortes, Senor Sagasta expressed the satisfaction of the king's birth. He even called upon Spaniards to defend their infant sovereign. Senor Toreno, another member of the Cortes, speaking on behalf of the Conservatives, was also elated to welcome the birth of their king.\

Queen Christian, meanwhile, was overwhelmed by the congratulatory telegrams sent by foreign sovereigns. Madrid illuminated on the night of his birth.

King Alfonso Leon Fernando Maria Jaime Isidro Pascual Antonio had the distinction of being King of Spain at birth.  He was born posthumously because his father, King Alfonso XII died while Queen Christina was still pregnant. His elder sister, Infanta Mercedes, Princess of Asturias, was the kingdom's heiress presumptive before his birth. Queen Christna served as regent until he turned 16. He married Princess Eugenie of Battenberg, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, in 1906. The couple had seven children. His reign ended in 1931 following the establishment of the Second Spanish Republic.


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