Royal biographer: Leaked video outshone by the decades of Queen’s hard work

Queen Elizabeth II

Royal biographer Sarah Bradford immediately came into the Queen’s defense after the controversial 1933 video showing a young Princess Elizabeth making a Nazi salute.

“For all that, I do not believe there will be any lasting resonance, however sensational they might seem now – and this is because the darker message some claim for them has been so comprehensively outshone by the decades of hard work carried out by that earnest young girl,” the renowned author write for the Mail on Sunday.

Bradford noted that the Queen has been a ceaseless “embodiment of the respect, duty and determination” that saw through Great Britain during its darkest days, especially during World War II.

“Her reputation, already extraordinary, can surely not be tainted by an 80-year-old picture taken when she was a child,” Bradford continued.

Bradford highlighted the hard work the Queen did during World War II. Only 18 then, the Queen served with the wartime ambulance service. Bradford also wrote that the release of the video was a rather “unkind way to treat a woman already in her ninth decade.”

“It is not that pictures or images of this sort should be suppressed, nor that there is any true risk that the furore will dim the bright star of the Queen and her reputation,” she wrote.

“During her long reign the Queen has carved out a pre-eminent place for herself and the country she represents in the eyes of the world. To people abroad she is Britain in a way mere politicians cannot be,” Bradford concluded.

Read the complete essay written by Bradford here.


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