Prince Charles Celebrates 67th Birthday Down Under Amidst Thunderstorm

Prince Charles may have thought that celebrating his 67th birthday in Australia would spare him from the gloom of London. Sunny Aussie, it is, but there's also occasional thunderstorms. So, on his birthday, the heir to the throne was instead forced to duck for cover as he toasted Happy Birthday after the heavens opened during a celebratory barbecue.

Prince Charles celebrated his 67th birthday with a toast during a downpour Down Under and was forced to duck under umbrella during birthday celebrations at special barbecue in Cottesloe, Perth.

The Prince spent the final leg of the Royal Couple's tour across Australia by sampling local wines and and asparagus at Oranje Tractor Wines in Albany, almost five hours southeast of Perth.

The Prince of Wales also extended his sympathies to the people of France following the attacks on November 13th 2015.


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