Prince Henrik Officially Retires

Here is the official statement the Lord Chamberlain regarding the retirement of Prince Henrik of Denmark from official duties (translated in English).

As announced in Her Majesty The Queen's speech, His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, decided to retire effective January 1, 2016 after more than 40 years of active duties for Denmark and Danish interests.

His Royal Highness will "slow down." The Prince Consort will no longer participate in of official events and meetings, including New Year receptions, the opening of Parliament, diplomatic receptions and state visits abroad.

By contrast, the Prince Consort continue to participate in other events of an official nature, including nytårstaflet and various events taking place where the royal couple have residence.

His Royal Highness keep the bulk of its patronages and honorary position, and the Prince Consort will continue to participate in a variety of chores, including art and culture.

The decision is not expected to have implications for the royal family's overall activity. The relevant tasks will be solved by Her Majesty the Queen or other members of the royal family. Therefore, emphasis is not up to the changes in the total state grant to the Royal Family.

The vast majority of the Prince Consort's share of state benefit goes to the royal family's fixed costs, including operation of buildings, staff and administration. This will also be the case. Shutter decision further expenses will be covered by the Royal Family.

Prince Consort is looking forward to getting more time to deal with art, literature and music - areas all face the Prince Consort's heart.


Michael Ehrenreich
Lord Chamberlain


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