10 Books to Read About Queen Elizabeth II's Amazing 90 Years

10 Books to Read About Queen Elizabeth II's Amazing 90 Years

This year, Great Britain celebrates the 90th year of Queen Elizabeth II. Earlier in 2015, she surpassed Queen Victoria into becoming the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the British isles. Let us relish the life and times of one of the world's most adored monarchs with these 10 must-read books you shouldn't miss!

Queen Elizabeth II: A Celebration of Her Majesty's 90th Birthday by Tim Ewart

This book examines the remarkable events that have unfolded during the Queen’s rule, and how she maintains traditions that link the United Kingdom with a history stretching back more than a thousand years.

LIFE Jubilee! Queen Elizabeth II: 60 Years on the Throne

Contains not only grand photography of the Jubilee but of prior House of Windsor celebrations, including Victoria's own 60th anniversary celebration, Elizabeth's wedding, the so-called "Wedding of the Century" (Charles and Di's), and the recent marriage of Elizabeth's grandson to Princess Kate. It is a splashy, festive book. It fairly shouts: "Long live the queen!"

Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch by Sally Bedell Smith

This New York Times best-selling books provides a close-up view of the lively, brilliant, and steadfast woman we’ve known only from a distance, and a captivating window into life at the center of the last great monarchy. Indeed, this is “an excellent, all-embracing new biography.”

The Queen's Speech: An Intimate Portrait of the Queen in her Own Words by Ingrid Seward

Ingrid Seward uses the Queen's speeches as a starting point to provide a revealing insight into the character of the woman who has reigned over us since the days when Churchill was prime minister. Starting with her first ever broadcast, in December 1940, when the teenaged Princess Elizabeth addressed a wartorn nation, right through the annus horribilis, and on into the 21st century, the book highlights the most important moments in her life and how she has responded to them.

Royal Childhood (Souvenir Album) by Anna Reynolds and Lucy Peter

Royal Childhood takes a look back at the pint-sized princes and princesses who have called the palace home. From the time of the palace's purchase as a comfortable family home by George III in 1761 to the recent happy birth of Prince George of Cambridge, the book covers all aspects of childhood, from playtime and hobbies to birthdays, school days, and public outings.

Long to Reign Over Us: Official Souvenir Album by Leah Kharibian

Royal Collection Trust’s official souvenir guide, this book takes readers through seven decades in the life of one of the most well-loved rulers in history.

Magical Memories: The Greatest Royal Photographs of All Time by Arthur Edwards

A fully updated collection of  delightful color pictures and unique stories, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the 2012 Olympics, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new baby.

The Queen at 90: A Royal Birthday Souvenir by Gill Knappett

With beautiful images from childhood to the present day, this souvenir guide documents The Queen’s life decade by decade published to coincide with the celebrations of The Queen’s 90th birthday.

H. M. Queen Elizabeth II: 90th Birthday Celebration

This is a wonderful Ladybird souvenir edition to celebrate the birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Filled with official photographs and information about her childhood, coronation, family life, political significance and becoming a great-grandmother, this book is the perfect gift for any fan of the Royal Family.

LIFE Queen Elizabeth at 90: The Story of Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch by the Editors of LIFE

This book is a nuanced and thoughtful look at the reign of Elizabeth at 90 and what her over-63 years on the throne have meant for her subjects and the world at large, including her early life, the years of World War Ii, her marriage and family, life ruling Great Britain, Windsor family values and much more.


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