Prince Charles Visits Northern Ireland

Prince Charles at Queen's University in Belfast.
Image: Prince of Wales' official website

The Prince of Wales is now in Northern Ireland to embark on a two-day tour  from May 23 to May 25. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will join Prince Charles on May 24 before they proceed to Ireland on May 25 for a joint official visit at the request of the British Government. The couple also made a trip to Ireland this time last year.   

“The visits will recognize the warm friendship that exists between both countries, promoting understanding of their respective heritage and celebrating the best that each has to offer,” writes the Prince of Wales’ official website.

On the first day of his visit, Prince Charles paid a visit to the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) at Queen’s University Belfast.

The heir to the throne was welcomed by First Minister Arlene Foster, East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson and Deputy Lord Mayor Guy Spence.

While in the institute, the Prince dropped by the Centre for Secure Information Technologies, which was opened in 2009. There, Prince Charles witnessed a demonstration in the Network Security Laboratory on how malware software can damage a computer system, and ways in which this can be prevented.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are slated to host a musical event at Hillsborough Castle, which will see the gathering of some of Northern Ireland's best performers: DIT Harp Ensemble from the Dublin Conservatory of Music Drama, The Belfast Opera, and The 'Folk Trad' group of The Royal Irish Regiment. Tim McGarry will also make the event a memorable one.  

The couple are also scheduled to visit local businesses, particularly in the food and drink sector, qhich is Northern Ireland's biggest industry. 


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