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18 Reasons the World Never Stops Falling in Love With Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been under the scrutiny of the public eye ever since he was born. The life of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s second son has, in the words of Telegraph’s Helena Kealey, been “recorded, photographed and documented.” It seems that the public know everything about this dashing prince. But how really well do you know Prince Harry? Read on and find out why the world keeps on loving Prince Harry, the “King of Hearts.”

He is Princess Diana’s “Little Spencer.” The princess claimed that Harry got his red hair from the Spencer family. 

Prince Harry is a best-selling cover boy.  The May 2011 issue of the British men’s magazine, GQ where Harry was on the cover, taken in black and white by David Bailey was the magazine’s best-selling issue of all time—even toppling One Direction.

Harry’s love for chocolate and cake is undeniable. When he was on his Walking with the Wounded expedition to South Pole, he brought with him a substantial chocolate supply that lasted him during the trip’s duration. He even surprised his companions by serving them a slice of ice-cream cake every night! Little did they know that the prince dragged the cake with him all the time.

He goes to the same hair-cutter since he was a child. And it’s a local woman in Tetbury who has been keeping his hair.

He was a wild child. When he was younger, Harry’s been embroiled to quite a number of scandals, including his rumored drug use, posing in a Nazi uniform in 2005, and getting photographed naked in Las Vegas in 2012.

He was a shooter at a young age. Until now. He even shot Prince Charles’ favorite moorhen on the pond at Highgrove, much to his father’s dismay.

He loves flowers. Prince Harry got his love for flowers and plants from Prince Charles. In 2013, Queen Elizabeth II praised him after visiting his charity garden during the Chelsea Flower Show. The prince collaborated with Matthew Keightley for a carefully planned garden that seemingly transported visitors to the Lesotho wildlife landscape.

He worked as a jackaroo. Harry worked as a jackaroo at a Queensland ranch in Australia during his gap year. His job included “rounding up herds of bull on a cattle station, mustering cattle and mending fences.” 

He is Prince George’s “Funcle.” He named himself so because he is the prince’s "Fun" "Uncle."

He still can’t get over the night Princess Diana died. In an interview with NBC News, Prince Harry said that his mind still lingers on the night that his mother died, asking himself whatever happened in that tunnel.

He has his own coat of arms. It was granted to him when he turned 18.

He was twice sent to Afghanistan. His first assignment was with the Household Cavalry until the trip had to be cut short because “a media blackout was broken.” On his second trip, he was assigned to the 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps.

He is an excellent Apache attack helicopter. During his stint in the British army, his piloting abilities earned him the recognition as an "instinctive flyer."

Prince Harry killed Taliban fighters. “Take a life to save a life, that’s what we revolve around, I suppose. If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game, I suppose,” he said.

His compassion for children began when he was still young. According to Telegraph, His mother, Princess Diana, “took him and William around homeless projects and Aids wards,” so they would get to know what people’s felt then, what were their “insecurities” and aspirations in life.

He started a charity at the age of 18. He defied Prince Charles’ orders not to go to Lesotho after witnessing the plight of AIDS orphans. Instead, he opened a nonprofit called Sentebale (African for forget-me-not) to help alleviate their condition.  The initial financial difficulties did not deter him from pursuing the institution’s aim. Sentebale eventually progress and now disburses millions of pounds a year, helping children in AIDS-ravaged countries.

The prince is happiest in Africa. There, he spends his time with the underprivileged away from the glaring eyes of paparazzi.

The Invictus Games was his brainchild. Prince Harry had the injured servicemen in his mind when he was planning of launching of the Paralympic-style Invictus Games. This happened after watching a Warrior Games in Colorado Springs in 2013. The event is held in London with over 400 active and retired military personnel from 13 countries as participants. They compete nine adaptive sports: athletics, swimming, powerlifting, indoor rowing, sitting volleyball, road cycling, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and archery.


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All images were taken from Wikimedia and other sources that allows reuse of images. 


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