Queen Elizabeth is Likely Saddened by the Brexit Result

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Image: Wikimedia

Queen Elizabeth II is believed to have been “mortified” by the British exit in the European Union. Nevertheless, the Queen is constitutionally barred from taking political stand and has to remain “strictly neutral with respect to political matters.”

However, with the Brexit polls over and now that Britain is definitely heading out from the Eurozone, the future of Her Majesty’s kingdom has gone bleak, foreseeing a recession just when the economy started picking up after the 2008 financial crisis.  

Ingrid Seward, the Queen’s biographer, hinted that the Queen was “privately” “saddened” by the turn of events.

"The whole situation will worry her,” Seward said. She said that at 90 years old and having survived the harrowing years of World War II, all the Queen wants is continuity and unit.

"She would think we partnered with Europe and we mustn’t let them down," Seward explained. "The whole point of a the EU was that we might be a united Europe and wars wouldn’t happen again."

The Queen has discreetly participated in the recent debates leading to the Brexit polls. Another royal biographer, Robert Lacey, revealed that the Queen invited guests to dinner dropping questions hinting her skepticism about the EU. She asked some of the guests to give "three good reasons why Britain should be a part of Europe."

A backlash soon followed suit following the Brexit vote: Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation. And now, the Queen will have to face the demands for a referendum over an independent Scotland and united Ireland.

Britain will also have to endure serious consequences economically. In an interview with Spiegel magazine, German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble warned that the British withdrawal "would be a heavy loss for Europe."

European Council President Donald Tusk said that the British exit would plunge Britain into seven years of political and economic turmoil. It will also have a harder time in getting trade negotiations with European countries.
U.S. President Barack Obama also said that an independent Britain would be sent "back of the queue" since it will be more difficult for the country to establish trade relations with the U.S since the United States has "little interest in negotiating with one nation compared with striking agreements with a far larger bloc," Lord Brown explained.

In these times of trouble, thought, the British Royal Family shall be looked upon as the only beacon of stability.

"In these unchartered waters, they are the continuity and stability that the British people may be lacking," Ingrid Seward noted. “They may be needed more."

With the British economic to take a serious nosedive, the Royal Family's role as a top tourism draw will prove crucial in keeping foreign cash coming in.

"Tourism is a major industry and they help support that," says Seward.



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