Queen Elizabeth II's New Portrait by Nicky Philipps

Here is the new portrait of Her Majesty The Queen by Nicola Jane (Nicky) Philipps. This was commissioned by the Royal Company of Archers on the occasion of  Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday. In the painting, the Queen is wearing the robes of the Order of the Thistle while standing on top of the staircase of the Archer's Hall. Featured in the portrait, too, is the bust of Sir Walter Scott, who, helped the Royal Company play a ceremonial role for the Scottish visit of King George IV in 1822.


  1. Class, elegance and pose of a veritable Monarch, has been proved across scores of difficult times, severe presure and dire situations. The bloddy IRA, the crippling 73-74 oil embargo, many terrorist threats, economic upheavals, riots, strikes, republicanism and senseless criticism have been navigated by such a sweet Queen with firm and stoic hand. Her Gracious Royal Majesty is a monumental example of control and sense of duty, unparalelled in modern times.


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