8 Reasons Why You Should Visit The British Royal Family’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk

Visit the Sandringham Estate. Image: Wikipedia

Sandringham Estate in Norfolk is a favorite country retreat of the British Royal Family. Since the reign of Queen Victoria, Sandringham has witnessed innumerable family gatherings and memories here hold so dear to the princes and princesses through generations. In fact, King George V said: "Dear old Sandringham, the place I love better than anywhere in the world."  Today, Sandringham attracts thousands of visitors who flock to the estate to take a peek at Sandringham House or Museum, or stroll and relax in the Gardens and the Country Park. You will definitely find this eight reasons to visit Sandringham estate interesting!

You can Tour The Queen’s Country Retreat

Sandringham House was built as the country retreat of the future King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1870. The home, once considered as England’s “most comfortable house,” has been passed down from one generation to another of British sovereigns. It is now Her Majesty’s country home, where she spends Christmas with the Royal Family.  The house’s The main ground floor rooms are open for public tours. The interior and its décor remain just as they are way back during the Edwardian period. A knowledgeable tour guide is always ready to assist guests.

Sandringham House

Check Out the Estate’s History at the Sandringham Museum

The Sandringham Museum contains an astonishing range of collections, from the 1939 Merryweather fire engine to the grand - gifts in pearl and exotic hardwoods given to The Queen on State Visits abroad. Special exhibits are organized every year.

The Sandringham Museum. Image: Tour Norfolk

Marvel at the Sandringham Gardens

The gardens are set on a 24-hectare, glorious ground, hailed as the most magnificent of all the royal gardens. Every generation of the Royal Family has left its mark, “from the peace of the woodland walks… to the intimacy of the Stream Walk.” Guests will definitely feel like walking with royals as they marvel at the beauty that the garden has to offer.

The Sandringham Gardens. Image: John D. Grant via Flickriver

Stroll on the Sandringham Country Park

The park was declared a Country Park in 1968 and was eventually expanded that guests may now enjoy strolling and relaxing on this 243-hectare sprawl for free.   

The Sandringham Country Park. Image via Nature Flip

Rest at the Visitor Centre

The visitor center offers guests with “excellent facilities” in “timber buildings” that complement into the landscape. This is where you can buy souvenirs, gifts and plants well-worth bringing back home.  

The Sandringham Visitor Centre. Image: KL Magazine.

Pray at the Sandringham Church

The parish church of St Mary Magdalene has been a house of prayer since the time of Queen Victoria. This 16th century structure has been hailed as one of the finest carrstone buildings in the country. Marvel at the church’s well-decorated chancel and its carved angels frames, the Florentine marble font, and the 9th-century Greek font and stained glass.

The Sandringham Church. Image: Wikimapia

Shop for the Estate's Fresh Produce

The estate’s apples and apple juice produced harvested in the orchards planted by King George VI are the celebrated produce of the estate. Don’t miss shopping for black currants and vegetables, too!  

Sleep Like Royalty at the Estate’s Accommodations

Stay like a royalty in Sandringham estate with the choice of accommodations to match your needs. There’s the Garden House, once home to the estate’s head gardener set in an ornamental square garden adjacent to the main house. You can also stay at the Granary, a recently-completed luxury barn. Park House Hotel, meanwhile, the former home of Diana, Princess of Wales, offers a comfortable retreat for disabled individuals and their companions.   

Garden House. Image: Sandringham Estate Website

Park House. Image: Sandringham Estate website

 For more information about Sandringham estate, click here.


  1. I have toured the beautiful estate and it is truly amazing. So much history. There is a
    room where the family sits, watches TV, reads, and it is just like any other living room
    in the usa. Beautiful grounds.

  2. I have toured the beautiful estate and it is truly amazing. So much history. There is a
    room where the family sits, watches TV, reads, and it is just like any other living room
    in the usa. Beautiful grounds.


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