Queen Elizabeth II Skipped New Year's Day Service

Queen Elizabeth II, who has been down with for over a week, skipped New Year’s Day church service in Sandringham. A week earlier, the 90-year-old queen missed the Christmas Day church service, the first time since 1988, because of the illness.

“The Queen does not yet feel ready to attend church as she is still recuperating from a heavy cold,” the palace said in a statement.

While the queen’s husband, Prince Philip, also fell ill, he was well enough to attend both the Christmas and New Year services.

Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, meanwhile, allayed fears about the Queen’s health, insisting she was “better” despite missing church at Sandringham for the second successive Sunday. The princess’ husband, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence, mentioned that the Queen’s condition was “not too bad” at all.

Her Majesty has enjoyed such robust health throughout her life that it is rare for her to miss any public appearance, and her continued absence has led to speculation around the world about the extent of her illness.


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